Texture Painting. Smear or soften hotkey


I wonder if there is a way to temporarily activate the smear or the soften tool while you are painting with the brush. The same way we can activate Smooth or mask by pressing Ctrl or Shitf when we are sculpting. Same would go for substract while you paint.

It would just make sense as I think those hotkeys are not used right now while you texture paint.

I wonder if there in any plugging or way to configure the hotkey that does the job.

Right Click on the Smear tool…
assign short-cut…I tried it with just Ctrl+Shift and it works well…you need to add in another to get back to Draw Mode!


Yeah, I know you could assign a shortcut that way.

I mean something like how smooth works in Sculpt mode. When you press Shift while you use any brush it smooths and when you release Shift it goes back to the current Sculp tool.
Something like that but with paint and Smooth and /or Erase.