Texture Painting Stencils

I started making some alphas I could use for texture painting, because I had trouble finding images with enough detail online, so I’m making some stencils I could use in future projects and I’m experimenting with multi-channel stencils, to be able to paint several layers at once that I could independently control in the material.
In time I’m hoping to build a decent library of assets I can use for texturing projects down the line…

I wanted to make some renders to test out the results and I finished rendering the first batch of stencils I created.


hello, and have you finished these nodes?

I’m still working on the stencils - due to the unfortunate existence of time and since this is just a side-project, progress is a bit slow, but I’ll likely have a few more ready in a couple of days.

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Do you have (or know of) a writeup describing how to make these multi-channel stencils? Look great, and I’d like to learn.

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A few more renders for two cracked concrete, two paint chipping and two rust/dirt stencils.


Not that it’s anything new, but I made my first smudged fingerprint texture. (Full view on the left, zoomed in to 100% on the right.)


hey i looking for buying this nodes (and anything to do with worn,scracthes,dust,dirt,smudges,grime,rust etc) so please stay me tune up :smiley:

Sure thing. I plan on releasing the first pack of textures relatively soon. Glad to hear you are interested.

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The first Pack of stencils is now available on gumroad: https://gumroad.com/l/GkMCp


but is it procedural textures? if not can you add them as procedural textures pack :pleading_face: