Texture Path Management – Addon for Blender released

We hereby announce another cool addon which Blenderheads are looking for – The Texture Path Management. This is something similar to a plugin which I used while I was working with Maya. Every CG user often mess up with the Material and Texture Data. Either they replace the textures or rename the textures. We faced a similar situation in Project Angelo too. We were little bit freaked out with what has happened with our characters and props when our modelers left our studio. Improper naming conventions I can say. Then I remembered the Plugin which I used from CreativeCrash and sought the help of our Vismaya Team to develop something similar to that.
So here is the final result



  • Set custom folders as source folders for Textures
  • Set Blender’s default “//textures” folder as source folder
  • Scan the selected object for any missing Texture
  • Options to search manually or automatically any texture files
  • Copy/Move found texture file to the source folder

What it does?

It actually searches for any missing textures in a given selected object. Then with options like a recursive search for the missing textures manual or auto retrieves the texture files. Once found the user can either select to copy or move the texture file to the source folder.

We recommend always using Blender’s default “//textures” folder and set all paths to relative which is always useful when it comes to terms of portability.

Download the Texture Path Management Addon here

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Wow, this looks great! I’m working on a project where files get passed between a lot of people, and something like this would really help fix up the terrible file names and folder structures!

U guys are maniaqs, really interesting and usefull stuff here and in vismaya thread )

Thank you Mighty-Pea and Dam-Org. We are currently working with renaming Texture Files Options from the Addon itself. You are welcome for any suggestions.

great addon, very useful! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks Bernardo. We have added icons to the buttons. Trying to implement the rename files function. will update once it is done

This is insanely awesome!

Thanks! Great tool

Superstar! :smiley:

This is good addon, Thanks!

Thanks for sharing.

Hi, the.Creator!
First… Thank you for this addon! :slight_smile:
And… Actually the URL isn’t working (for me) “Firefox can’t find the server at www.projectvismaya.com.”

@Moolah - The links are working fine here. Maybe a problem with ur internet settings. Pls. Check it again or with a different browser.

Thanks and welcome all those who r supporting… Your positive responses force us to do more…

I’ve tried with IE, also http://www.projectvismaya.com/ - results are the same… Very strange :frowning:
Seems that it’s blocked by our provider (I guess). But I don’t know WHY.

Do you have your scripts on GitHub?

I dont know what is the problem… here is the direct download link

Texture Path Management Addon Download

Thank you!!!

Really great addon, thanks a lot!!

Thanks for sharing this addon…,

this kind of addon is what I looked for YEARS!

I cant find the tab in the UI.
Please can you show me exatly where the panel is?