Texture plugin download

Is there some other place to download windows dll for some of texture plugins from that site?

like “rtilings” or “dots”.


Why? That is the repository. You can get the .zip with all of them from the bottom of this page:



Yes I know that, but - chip, chip2, clouds2, dots2, matrix, pattern, pie, rings2, rtilings, scales, spirals and tiles texture plugins are not compiled for windows and they arn’t in that archive.

I will try to compile them from c sources, but since this is going to be my first attempt to compile something - I am sceptic.

Thanks for your fast reply Fligh %

I have all those you mention though I downloaded them in 2002. Are you sure you’re downloading the correct .zip? Some are source code and some are compilled dll’s. If you really get no joy I could email you a .zip.


I downloaded “Windows Precompiled Plugins(zip)” and there arern’t listed plugins.
If you mail them to me it will be great.
[email protected]

Thanks in advance!

Those plugins can’t be used with windows. I tried compiling them myself, but it did not work. Here is why.

I don’t know if this has been fixed or not, but I can’t get it to compile in Dev-CPP. Anything that uses the function ‘hnoise’ does not work on windows I believe. I’m sure a more hardcore coder can correct me if I’m wrong though.

Yes, I see so. I tested all those you mentioned and as forTe says, some of them look suspect. I sent them anyway.


most of them work
those from 2002