Texture problem on large surface.

I’ve run into a problem on my current project. I’m in the process of setting up and texturing one of my scenes and I have an issue when trying to texture a large flat area. I’m using a seamless asphalt image to texture the tarmac of a spaceport, but due to the size of the object, the repetition is still noticeable. I’ve tried several things but nothing seems to be getting the results I’m after.

Anyone dealt with something like this before or have some suggestions?

I’ve attached the scene to show what I’m currently getting.

Start by making the texture cover a larger area. Modify it a bit more to remove the more noticeable tiling pattern. Also you can use small quads sitting just above the ground with alpha mapped textures of oil stains, tire marks etc to further break it up.

bake the texture in Blender, then in GIMP or photoshop, use the clone tool to create some variation.

good luck :slight_smile:

I would strongly suggest stencil mapping!

Thanks for the feedback, everyone.

I’m not familiar with the technique, can you elaborate a bit?

I generally have my image texture fade out to a similar procedural as it gets farther away from the camera. This method works wonderfully; from far away you can"t tell it"s procedural and there"s hardly any visible tiling.

I’m not familiar with the technique, can you elaborate a bit?

I’ve made an example file for you.

The first and third texture are the same, but the third has a bit offset.

The stencil texture has ‘No rgb’ and ‘Stencil’ applied.


Stencil.blend (754 KB)

Thanks Guiseppe for the example, it is very much appreciated.

Thanks everyone for the tips, I ended up applying a bit of everything.

Did the stencil.
Baked the texture out to a large image.
Hand touched it up in GIMP to remove noticeable problems.
Applied some grunge and cracks.

I still need to paint some lines and such, but I’m very happy with the result. Below is the after image.

Thanks again. :slight_smile: