texture problem


I am very beginner with Blender and new in this forum too. I am interested in more game engine and walkthrough than rendering and animation. I searched most of the topics about texturing (for the game engine) in the forum. I found several tutorials but they are little bit advanced for a beginner level.

I have a basic problem, for example, I created a shape (sphere), select the face mode and selected all faces and then load an image to map them. As a result of that , all each faces covered with the same image, like an ant-eye. I want one image covers all the faces I selected. I tried to play with the vertex on the image but it is so hard and seems impossible to fit it on the selected faces. I thought, there must be easy way to do that.

I am sure it is a silly question but I stuck with this problem and couldn’t find a basic texturing tutorial for game engine mode.



what you want to do is called uv mapping and there could be books written on techniques

search for tutorials on it (tho a search for uv doesn’t return anything here) in the tutorial threads

Thanks z3r0 d

I will check the sources and books. I have just found this address. It is a simple example but it tells the keys so I got some new things such as UV Calculation.

Maybe it can be usefull for others