Texture Selected Verticies

Does anyone know of a script or would be interested in writing…
A script to select vertices based on texture values. I.E. Black area of image texture=selected vertices white=not selected. The particular application I am thinking of is the continents of the earth on a sphere.


why dont your do normal mapping or displacement mapping …
its in the blender manual or do a search

Thanks for your response
What do you mean by normal mapping?
Displacement mapping is great, but it only occurs at the time of render. Not helpful for mesh editing.

There is a displacement script that actually displaces the mesh around here… a newer and better on, there is also one a dedalo3d that requiresd uncompressed tga files, but that one was a little annoyig to use, because it could only use one type of heightmap

Here you go… another one of Cambo’s great scripts:



Or you can use Hooks to use weight maps to displace geometry proper (very cool)…

Dunno if it still works but…

  1. Create an empty
    2)Take your mesh into edit mode
  2. Deselect ALL the vertices
  3. Select you Empty and press Ctrl + H (for hooks if I remember)
  4. Agree

Now if you add a weight map (vertex group) and paint, you can change the influence moving the empty has on the vertices. Very useful.

I wish you could weight paint via texture maps though…