Texture Selector Node with dynamic inputs(CYCLES & EEVEE)

This add-on let’s you select texture from multiple textures.
Get it on gumroad for free : https://gum.co/selectornode
Feel free to give any comments/critiques/feature request. If you like the add-on don’t forget to follow me on gumroad for more exciting add-ons.

It has dynamic input sockets for your different needs. Now whenever you want one extra texture to select from you don’t need to hassle to add nodes and connect them. You can do it same with just a click of button in Selector Node.

Here’s the video showing selection feature. It works with image textures, procedural textures, colors.

Here’s the video showing dynamic input


Very interesting, thank you for sharing.

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It would be awesome if we can have option blending between them. Like multiple or subtract

akaneyu did this for images: https://blendermarket.com/products/image-layers-node

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I wanted to easily mix textures based on vertex groups and this came in very handy.

However I find that I need to multiply by 10 to normalize the output of the color ramp but still it is very easy to setup. Obviously the colors are not mathematically accurate for the “current” input but playing with the color ramp I can adjust it.

Thanks again.

Happy to see it helps you in your workflow :slight_smile:
Originally node’s input Curent was taking values between 0 to 1 but i thought that was unintuitive so i added map-range node to map 0 to 1 to 0 to Total.
So most of the time you need to multiply you values by whatever Total is.