texture tiling wth UV?

Im making a house model. I have a separate texture for the walls (bricks.png) which is repeats on the walls (is tiled), and I also have another texture file for the rest of the house. Is it possible to have 1 texture file for both? ( that means mixing UV with ORCO)

well 1 view thats weird

The view counter is broken, I think.

I don’t know the answer to this question as I essentially asked the same thing a week ago with no response.

You could bake the current two-texture render to a single texture image that is mapped with UVs.

I’m not sure I understand what you want.
But, if you want one Material with two textures - of the brick wall and the rest - it should be quite simple.
In edit Mode, click on Links and Materials->click on “New” (so that “1 Mat 1” changes to 2Mat2. ) This means you’ve selected the 2nd material of 2 materials.
Select the facesto which you want to apply this material. Click “Assign”. Now go to the Materials tab (round ball icon) and select the material you want in the “Links and Pipeline” window. (Click on the arrow next to "MA:Material.xxx & select your other material)

There’s a good tutorial on applying multiple materials to an object, if this is what you want.

If it isn’t - sorry for giving you useless info ;). I really don’t know anything about that.

Good luck.

every texture you add to your material can be mapped any way. so you can have one texture mapped to uvs and one mapped to orco.

the rest misunderstood what i said.