Texture Trouble

(banana_sock) #1

I have a mesh with an indent in it (sort of like the hole on a dice) and i want the indent to be quite a lot darker than the rest, almost a black. I’ve applied two different textures to each part, but there is a really sudden, sharp change in the colours. I know it’s meant to do that, but is there a way i can make it transition smoothly without having to create a proper image to use?

(PcP.Blend) #2

try with a blend texture, in the texture options

(mthoenes) #3

If you are trying to accomplish this without creating an image texture. I would try a Blend texture (spherical) applied to the indent verts and the verts around the indent. Make the material color of the blend texture the same as your object.

I think an image texture and UV mapping would give you the greatest control over placement, but I would need to see what you are trying to do to say for sure.

Good Luck