Texture wanted

Sorry if this isn’t specifically blender-functionality inclusive, but lurking around these forums (and misc blender galleries) I have seen a lot of architectural renders with very nice look floorboard textures, particularly some nice light wood (eg. pine or something).

Does anyone have a link to a nice high-resolution one I could grab. There was one linked to from a post on this site a while ago, but the link is dead.

Preferably it would be an almost orthographic texture and with long floorboards - i.e. not a photo that only covers 1 sq. metre of a floor. 2-3metres at least but the longer the better

Even better if it was tileable, but I can do that bit myself in Gimp if necessary.

Thanks in advance for anyone who might be able to help

download an app called ‘wood workshop’ ( free )

Thanks Modron, but Wood workshop didn’t allow me to create long planks of wood with irregular joint spacings. Unless I missed something, it allows you to create short sections of wood, laid out in regular brick-wall-like patterns, or long planks with no joints.

I was hoping for a texture with long planks that have joints (points where one plank ends and another starts) at irregular places across the texture.

I will go back and have another look at WW, but I know I saw such a texture on these forums and I had some vain hope that the poster might still have it available…(I shall see if I can find that post too)

Ok, so with Wood Workshop, I can do long endless planks, which means I would have to add joints somehow myself, and it seemed to hang doing a 1024x1024 render (after using 1.5GB of my virtual memory and rising I stopped the process).

Then you’re going to either have to use procedural wood textures, tile together smaller images you find on the net, or take photos yourself. Sometimes there just isn’t an easy answer or at least the one you’re hoping for.

Try these:

Got3D Free Floor Sample 1
Got3D Free Floor Sample 2
Second Life Textures
Mayang’s Free Textures

Also, you might try searching
Image After
Stock XChng

And check out the texture links at 3DLinks.

My personal fav. You can modify the brightness and color tint right in blender to get many different looks:


Wow, thanks reaper, exactly the type of wood and irregular joints that I had in mind. I have taken a copy (I hope its free to use?), I was hoping for a higher resolution image though so I am still going to try and hack something together with either wood workshop or…well hopefully not RamboBaby’s suggestions but perhaps (sigh).

Thanks also to Captain Jack (Sparrow?), but for a personal project I don’t think I want to buy a texture. I did grab the free texture sample (though it isn’t specifically irregular), and Mayangs textures have uneven lighting and shadows, plus none of those samples seem like good kitchen floor material.

If I achieve my holy grail texture then I will be sure to post it here.

I havve breathed that same sigh of dispair many times. Ultimately these things will work out for your own good though, as you will end up adding to your skill set.