Texture without material?


Specs: Blender 2.69 (r60995), Win7/64, Blender internal renderer.

in 3D view, when display mode is set to “textured” (in opposite to wireframe, solid or rendered), the face of my mesh shows a texture. My problem is I don’t know where the texture is coming from because the material slots are empty for the object:

So my question is: Are there other sources for textures that can occur in 3D view?
In the render result, the face has no texture.

I don’t want to attach the whole project. I tried to narrow it down in a new small project to be attached here, but there it’s not reproducable. Hence only the question whether there are other sources for textures other than materials. Thanks.

have you uv unwrapped the plane? if so it will display the uv on the object without having a texture applied

Ok, of course, after searching for hours, you discover something new straight after posting here: The mesh has a UV map assigned.

IMO, this is inconsistent behavior because the image from the UV map is shown in 3D view but not during rendering.

And what if I’d assign a material+image texture to the mesh: Which image is used? The one from the UV map or from the texture? This is not really clear.

Yep, just discovered this, too. (I didn’t see your post when sending mine) What do you think about the difference to the render result without a texture?

The 3d view will show the image on the plane since it has a UV layer and evidently you have an image in the UV Image Editor to match the UVs - this is expected behavior, since you then have the ability to see the resulting mapping in viewport as you move the UVs in the Editor.

Loading a material and naming this image as a texture, set to UV mapping and that UV Layer will enable you to see it in render as well.

no. it is not inconsistent. the uv map allows you to view the effect of the uv image without applying the texture. texturing can take time and an image may just be one layer or not even a layer at all. it may just be there to use as a clone map for the final texture. you really don’t want to apply several dozen textures to a model just to clone a cheek bone onto the main texture or an ear.
but you do want to see the ear on the model so you know you’re going to clone into the right place.

Ok, I see. Thanks to both of you!