can someone show me or tell me a site that has a tautorial on how to make a picture into 3D.You know like ive got like a picture of a dog and i want to turn tha dog into 3D.
But not wikidi becase that tautorial is useless
P.S(when i try to put a image on photobucket it takes 3 hours to upload it.Can someone tell me another good picture showing site or how to minimize the site of the 3D photo?)
I will appreciate the help

Cmon you guys…
Its like when i Ctrl and left click the left side of the image,when im done i end up having a flat shape of the object.its too complicated.can ANYONE help me.Its the same when i want to model a head.I just end up with a flat thing made out of vertexes

At the risk of sounding ungracious… this question has been asked a thousand times and a quick search in this forum would come back with tons of hits (even the exact wording)

Instead of the ‘hello…anyone there, c’mon guys…’ c*&p, use the forum as it was intended