textured glock looks nice

Feedback please


it’s a good model, but saying about yours own model that it’s nice is kind of arrogant and doesn’t put me (and probably other people) in the right mood to be too positive.

the same tutorial probably also talked about specularity maps, might want to look into that to make it look even better (in order to make the plastic of the handle look plastic for example)

also, this is yet another post with an unfinished work, if you want comments on unfinished work, put it in work in progress…

I don’t like sounding this negative, but it’s really meant well, try to use the forum like it’s supposed to be used, and try not to sound so arrogant.

arrogant? alright, and what tutorial?

ah, figured u did it with a tutorial as most glocks are modeled after the famous moddb tutorial which goes through modeling, texturing etc of nice looking glock that looks quite a lot like yours (ah well, it’s a glock ;))
(link to mod db with first part of the tutorial: http://www.moddb.com/downloads/model-a-3d-glock-weapon )

arrogant relates to the “textured glock looks nice”, it’s more usual to say “textured glock”, liking your own work is better said in the post itself, like “I’m really proud of this” instead of stating it looks nice as if that’s a fact

can you say why the glock isn’t textured in the front, slide and bullets? (as this is the “finished work” forum)

o no, i didnt use one, i just got the image from google image and started from there, and alright i see where you could say that, i didnt have to put looks nice, and no real reason for the front texturing lmao i guess i got to go back XD

… Why did you ask me to texture this model if you did it yourself? well anyway shroom7, I don’t see you very often on skype, but anyway mine looks better than yours I guess…
here’s mine:


lol i totally did not know i could do it, i was just foolin around, but my need for attention made me post it lol, and i think yours looks way better dude thanks a lot :slight_smile: