Textured mode doesnt work with me.

I have an geforce 4200.
My texture is 512x512 jpg.
Model a simple cube.

When I go to the texured mode it only shows white.

But once i downloaded a model that someone made and it showed it textured. I examined the blend and found nothing special he made to the scene.

So how can I see my models textured? Is there a button I missed or something?


See Troutmasks second to last post. No help to you I know but it might be a Mac thing.


This is kinda interesting. When I opened sebula blend from model reprository and went into textured view it shows the texture.
In the same scene I ad a cube with aranged UVs and use the same material as sebula and it still showes white.

This is very strange.

to show up in textured mode you need to enter face select, select all of your faces mode then select the texture

materials have no effect on textured mode.

Yay got it to work by a coincident.

I had to go in face mode. Go to the UV/Image editor and select the texture there from the list. So it shows in the background of the UV/image editor. Then it shows up in textured mode. At last. :smiley:

Ehh maybe it was that you were trying to say z3r0 d. I just misunderstood you.

Instead of coincidence, find out why, with this quick and easy tutorial…