Textures and coloring


My goal is to create a scene in 3dsmax and as the end result have blender make an exe out of it with the walkthrough blender file so i can navigate it.

Currently i’ve been able to get everything working with the walkthrough but I can’t get textures and coloring to work. I’ve added textures and coloring in 3dsmax and exported… then fixed the vrml file to point to the right location for the textures… which then got them working in the exe walkthrough, but they had a hardcoded location… So i couldn’t distribute the exe and have it work on other pc’s. How do i bundle it all together in the 1 exe… Also I have only been able to get textures working and not just solid colors on objects… they turn out white in the end result.

Note: I am using Blender3D 2.25 because it seems that the exe export isn’t available yet in 2.32.

Thanks for any help on this.

why must u create the scene in 3ds?

We are getting the models given to us in .max format… then editing them, and then sending them to blender to become .exe…

The reason because tho objects are white in the game engine is that the lack UV coordinates. Only those work in the engine. The texture maps must be UV mapped and packed (little package icon checked in Blender)into the .exe.

So I can’t just assign a color then to the model and have it show up… It needs to be a texture?

You can also use Vertex Paint. Just setting regular color won´t work on the engine.

exporting to .obj format might work - since uv-information is stored. if the blender import script handles obj-files correctly, uv’s should be still usable, so you just need to assign the right imagefile, pack it into the blend file, and you’re done.

i know there is a max->obj exporter, should be easy to find



Thanks alot for all the help… we’re still struggling through it… Trying to fin da good solution… Vertex painting doesn’t seem to be working at this point, but we could be applying it wrong…