Textures and daylight

I have problems to get my texture( Rock ) from images in to place terraine Hillside (Plane.) I dont se anything when I render??.

  1. I have the same problem when I try to make a terrain and see level at the same time.
    I use two plane and textures one image rock and one texture cloud. Wath happen ??

  2. How to make daylite to my terrain

Thank you in advance:eyebrowlift:


See_Floor.blend (162 KB)

Can you pack the textures into the .blend? Hard to tell without the textures. Click the little box next to the image name. And try to be a bit more precise with your questions.

Thanks for your reply. sorry, my english is not so good.

Yes I think the textures ar packed in to my blend and I dont have any trubble to find and put the texture into F6 (Look at my screnshot. I have try to assign and select, still no texture in the renderwindow.

i have click every small box near the image name.


I have solv the problem by my self

thank you

you clicked uv haha beside vert color correct?lol good on ya