Textures and Object Proportions help...

Hey all,

I’m a Blender newbie, and am teaching myself as I go… I’m a photographer so this art is also interesting to me. I haven’t actually made anything in Blender yet but am working on my first very simple scene:


It’s supposed to be a box sitting in an attic if you can’t tell :stuck_out_tongue:

One of the first things you’ll notice is how big the wooden boards are, or how small that odd plywood-style box is (and how bright the floor is) :slight_smile: Yeah, I had trouble finding a cardboard texture :-/ Again, noob right here. Anyway, I want to make the box seem bigger in comparison. The wood texture I am using is hi-res (over 2000 pixels each way) - but I need the box to look bigger while still filling the frame. (And I’ll darken the wood… still workin on that.) If we could “zoom out” on the floor a bit to make the texture sharper, I’d love that.

The wood is just a texture on a plane under the box.

Let me know what I can do to improve; I’m not done with any of this yet of course, and this is just my learning project, so I’m taking it every direction I can. (Also, I rendered the above in Yafray. Is that okay?)

And how could I soften that shadow? Sorry for all the questions. Tutorials don’t seem to do a whole lot for me.


I’d just scale the box object up while viewing the camera view (num pad 0) and then I’d select the camera and adjust position to taste - if you need to scale the texture down on the boards, you can change the scale in the texture map to panel, unless you are already mapping to uv coordinates :slight_smile:

The brightness of the boards can be the material settings you’ve chosen, like the reflectivity might need to be turned down and you might make them softer instead of hard like the default material.

Overall, pretty good scene so far for a beginner, and I say that because I jumped right in without reading all the tutorials about using textures when I should have, and now I’m relearning how it all works :slight_smile:

Please update after you tinker :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks! Great tips there.

Well, didn’t have a whole lot of time, but here’s what I came up with so far:

Now obviously it’s a little dark. I think my next job is to get the floor rotated so it’s not so flush-horizontal. (Make the boards go at an angle) and then improve lighting.

As for the proportions thing, I’m not really sure what I did to fix it; I just pressed buttons :-/ I read tool-tips and if I understood what it was getting at I pressed it to see. Actually it was kind of fun. I’ll work with this more tomorrow, I’ll still need a bit of help :stuck_out_tongue: Cheers again!