Textures Diffusion | A tool for high quality texturing with Stable diffusion

Hello everyone!

I am delighted to announce the official release of the Blender plugin Textures Diffusion I’ve been working on for the past few months. It allows you to texture your 3D models by projecting images generated using Stable Diffusion, all with a stable, repeatable, and precise workflow!


And I’ve just launched it on Blender Market and Gumroad!

If you want to learn more about how to use it and get started with Stable Diffusion, I invite you to check out this documentation (In fact, you can even talk to it :open_mouth:).

Here are some results I’ve achieved with this tool:

For now, it’s available for Blender version 3.3.

I can’t wait to see your creations with this tool! Feel free to ask if you have any questions or if you’d like more information :star:


looks very good. does it only work in blender 3.3 ? not 3.6 or 4.0 ?

Yes indeed! as soon as I have the time, I want to update it for the LTS versions.

your addon could majorly benefit from this :



Oh great! I had heard about it in relation to model generators. Thank you, it’s always good to take for further research.

3d models ?

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Ah, my mistake. I’m not sure if it’s the same project!
I saw on Twitter a project where they train a model with multiple views of 3D objects to create a model that generates an image with consistent views. Then they use it to generate a 3D model.

Here are the links to that project:


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This one also look very promising :

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my dude , please! take a look at these video of grAIbox for maya . its the perfect workflow.

i think you already have like 70% of the maincode for such an addon for blender done with your addon already(blending different projections). Maybe im wrong though …

im tempted to pirate maya just for this addon(its free) … but would pay 50,- or more for the addon if it existed in blender.

edit: the generation part wouldnt even need to be done from inside blender , just a way to set our camera angles individually and have the automatic blending different projections. your addon with its 3 fixed angles cannot be used for complicated characters.


Thank you for the reference! This is my first plugin, and I hope to improve it further as I learn more about how these APIs work :slight_smile:

Currently developing Version 2 of my Textures Diffusion plugin !
The goal is to seamlessly link ComfyUI with Blender for texturing your 3D models.
Plus, the image serves as a Stencil, considering both the depth and color of the Viewport! :sparkles:


that looks neat and completely seemless

Will this be an update for those of us who got your product or will we have to buy this new version? :grinning:

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Hello everyone,

As I’ve started a new job and don’t have much time to maintain it anymore, I’ve decided to make the V1 of Textures Diffusion free and open source on Github!

Here is the link to get it:

The plugin’s page will still be available on Blender Market and Gumroad for those who would like to support me and receive potential future updates.

If a new version is released, those who have purchased the plugin will receive it. It will likely be different due to the rapid advancements in AI!

:heart_decoration: Thanks again to everyone who purchased the plugin!

Have a creative day, everyone!