Textures distorting?

First off, Hi everyone, I’m new here and to blender. I’ve been toying with blender for a while now and gone through the tutorials on the blender wikibook (noob to pro) and started messing with my own models lately. For the last few days i’ve been building one model in particular that i’m really enjoying, and hope to be able to use it in the 3d sequences for a movie my friends and I are making in our free time. anyway i started texturing it and got the following results(i stopped when i ran into this roadblock). i did the hat first, its got a bumpmap texture and then the photo on it, then i did the lights/bump on the front facing panels of the hull of the ship. next i went on to the sides and, as you can see, my lights went all funny.


what in the world can I do to get the texture to map to its shape? to draw the texture I isolated just that particular section on the side, took an orthographic render in a separate layer, and drew the lighting in photoshop. that method worked perfectly for the front side…

and my settings for map input are set to orco and flat…just like the other one is.

thanks in advance if anyone can help me!

Hi there, Have a read of this thread it should be helpfull.