Textures from Game Engine Project invisible in viewport after 2.65 Update


I have been working on a game project in Blender 2.64 (in the Game Engine) and had textured everything, and the textures showed up fine in the viewport.

Now I updated to Blender 2.65 and opened my .blend File, but there were no textures in the viewport. If I select a Mesh and go to the Textures or Materials tab, it does show the texture, but in the viewport everything is grey (and I am in Textured view mode). Please Help Me!

Thanks in Advance,

Here are Screenshots of using Multitexture and GLSL since requested:

I am in Multitexture

This happens when I turn to GLSL

Are you in GLSL mode?

Screenshots, blend, anything is normally a good start.

Thing is, I have Multiple textures and if I switch to GLSL mode, the Textures still don’t show up.

If it’s not already try turning shadeless on for the material to see if its working.

or try setting blend to multiply for your texture.