textures have no shading

this might surely have been asked here a lot of times, but i found no answer that worked for me.

i’m trying to get into the gameengine (blender 2.34) and want to do my first kind of “hello world”-app. so i decided to put a sphere on the stage, assigned my materials as usual and set up some logic bricks to make it just contious rotating around an axis. i also put a light near the camera, to have blender knwon where to put shadows.
hitting the pkey gave me a black background with a purely white, circle - i’ve exprected a nice shaded earth-ball rotating in front of me, as i saw it in my blender-viewport in objectmode with textured shading on.

after some research and playing around i found 2 points where texture was mapped on my sphere:

    • setting “VertCol” in the “Editing” panel. my sphere now showed up a texture with shading, but the shading seems to be rendered directly on the texture. so as it rotates, the shading rotates, too, ignoring any lamps. it seems to have been precalculated depending on my lightsource.
    • loading and assigning an image texture using the “uv face select” mode. this works as exprected: the sphere is textured and the rotation is visible. the only point, that’s still not working fine is, that the sphere is rendered flat without shading or highlighting. the only way i can determine it could be a shere is the circular shape of the object and the warped earth-image :wink:

so, my question is basically: how do i apply shading to my textured objects and may be even highlights (like in the blinn oder phong shaders)? it must be kind of dynamic shading, because otherwise it would have worked with “VertCol” on, too :slight_smile:

thanks very much for your help!

you schould switch to face-mode, select faces that you want shadles and switch to edit mode and there is tab texture face and hit light.


thanks very much, it works now for me.
my problem was, that the “light” property was only applied to one face even when it used the akey. I had to use “copy drawmode” to assign the shading to the whole selection.