Textures incorrect in blender -- shows clouds instead of image texture

Hi all, I could sure use some help with this head-scratcher.

Some background: I did this fish with a big eye a couple of years ago, and decided to revisit the project. Although I’ve been playing around with blender here and there, I’m still quite a noob.

I created a new texture for this eye, and copied each of the two meshes seperately into a new file. I checked the datablock, which showed no textures or images. So far, so good.

Then I created two materials, one for the outer lens and one for the inner eye. I then created a material from an image which I made from a UV map. It shows up fine in the Properites panel. I saved and checked the datablock. It shows up fine there, too.

Here’s the render:

As you can see, the inner eye is sporting a cloud texture. The outer lens is rendering fine apparently – it is transparent and highly specular.

I’ve attached the blend file with the texture image packed.

I sure hope some kind soul can point me in the right direction. (Blender 2.70)


bubbles-new.blend (1.24 MB)

You have the texture loaded, but you don’t have an unwrap set with the mesh object yet so that the texture has coordinates - you need to select the front half of the sphere, press U to unwrap, and then load the eye texture in the UV Image editor, and the mesh UVs should be over the part of the texture you want to show. The other half of the mesh can be unwrapped and placed/scaled down to fit on a solid part of the eye texture image.

Ok, so, if I have seamed/unwrapped/textured it, but move the mesh to another blend file, I have to unwrap it again, and recreate the texture?

No, the material and the texture should come along with it provided you append as Object.