Textures, Materials, and Shaders???

Ok so I’m trying to alter a game model with a shader and it’s not working.

Basically I just want to turn a red laser into a green laser.

First I tried changing the color in NifSkope. Simple enough, just adjust the color wheel, and done, right? Haha, nope.

First thing I noticed was that the model actually has no color when viewed in NifSkope for some reason:

After I adjusted the color, it actually rendered perfectly in NifSkope exactly the way I want it to in the game, so I assumed it would work well in the game. Haha, nope.

I don’t see what this has to do with blender materials so moved to Support / Other Software,

It’s not completed yet. Unfortunately my connection isn’t allowing me to upload other screens I need to post to explain the problem in it’s entirety.

The point is that the changes I want to make to the model can’t be made in NifSkope, I think because there’s a shader attached to the model.

So what I need to know is how to edit that shader in Blender if possible.

I’ll be adding replys with more screen shots showing the process of everything I tried and the results leading up to the final question of how do I edit the shader.

So I think I picked the right place for the thread, you just can’t tell by the first post…

Ok, so here’s how the original model renders in game.

And here is the new version of the same model, that I edited in NifSkope.

As you can see it’s barely visible. After the color has been changed in NifSkope the in game render, is extremely dim, very thin and the plasma like fluid animation that usually appears around the red laser is not visible at all.

Here’s a close up. There’s almost nothing there.

So I don’t understand why it would render like that, especially when the model appears perfectly fine in NifSkope and the animation works.

After that I tried editing the model in Blender and found that there is a shader applied to the model

Again, I have no idea why it would render exactly the way it should in game, in NifSkope and then not work in game at all. I would at least expect some consistency between programs in whether any given thing works or not.

But I suppose the only way to make the laser green is to change the shader it’s self. So that brings me to the point of this post:

Can I edit shaders in Blender? And if so, how? And if not, what program would I need to do so?

As of now the shader is actually embeded in a file type I’m not familiar with, so I’ll also need to find some kind of extraction tool to pull it out of that. But at the moment I forget what the file type was called and it’s saved on an external drive I don’t have with me. So I’ll have to go check on that and then update this thread later. But in the mean time any advice on editing shaders would be appreciated.