Textures, Materials and UV Editor not WYSIWYG?

Hello all,

I have been doing some development using the Unity 3D game engine and Blender. I recently discovered that in order to use the lightmapping feature of Unity 3.0, I can no longer use the texturing workflow that I was previously using because Unity lightmapping chokes when any UVs are outside of the 0 to 1 UV space. Up until now, I would just manipulate and scale the UVs of my object, often times outside of the 0 to 1 UV space, until things looked right and repeated appropriately.

So my first question is: How do I repeat an image-based texture without scaling the UVs outside of the 0 to 1 UV space?

The solution I came up with doesn’t seem to be working. I never used to mess with materials. I would just select my UVs and then apply an image in the UV/Image Editor. Unity would automatically generate a material for me. Now I am creating a material, assigning a texture and using the image repeat settings under Map Image in the texture panel. Here is the big problem. Although the repeating texture displays when I render in Blender (which I am not really concerned with) the image does not repeat in the 3D View. Why not?

What settings or technique am I supposed to use so that What I am seeing in the Texture Preview window and render window matches the 3D View and UV/Image Editor?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me figure this out.

BTW… I am using Blender 2.49

did you et the viewport to texture mode ?
that’s how you can see UV textured images
but wont’ show the procedural ones!

happy 2.5

Yes, the viewport is set to Draw Type: Textured and I am not using procedural textures at all. I am using image based textures only.

Here is a picture of my screen if it helps explain the problem.


it has to be in texture mode not solid type
and make certain all normal are outward or it wont appear!

may be with GLSL if it works no your system
mine does not really work

Can you exlain how you can see this pict
i got MSN account but cannot find your pciture?

usually i make some folder as public instead of friend
so anybody can find files!

but in any case you uplaod file pictue here in post
ksut go advance and file mangement

Thanks happy 2.5

This is definitely not a normal issue or a display mode issue. My normals are correct and I say again that they display mode is set to textured. The problem is that the texture preview and the render are showing a repeating texture but the model in the 3D window and the image in the UV/Image Editor do not show the image repeating.


can you explain how to get the file on MSN?

can you upload the file is less thant 1 MB

you seems to have use a checkered board as UV map here

why do you say that the UV map is repeating here
don’t really see this effect

may be if you show one face
so select one face and show the resulting pciture as above

do you want the repeat pattern to appear on one face?


Since you described the image I posted, it appears you are getting the screen shot image just fine.

Please look at the test pattern on the Cube in the 3D view and then notice that it corresponds with how the UVs are laid out in the UV/Image Editor. Now, look at the texture preview and the Blender render…Can you see that in those areas the texture is repeating as it is supposed to, as set forth in the Texture button’s repeat parameters (highlighted in yellow).

I refuse to believe this is how materials/textures work (or should I say don’t work) with images. If that were the case then how could anyone ever texture anything in Blender using materials and textures? Surely Blender wasn’t designed so that you have to do a render or render preview everytime one wishes to adjust and see the proper texture placement.

difficult to see what you did in UV editor!

did you unwrap with seams the cube and check how the UV map is mapped on the cube

now if you use the repeat pattern then it will repeat like rows and columns i think
so not certain what you expect from it
may be read more about it in wiki pages for UV mapping!

so depending how you set it up and do the unwrap you will get something

there are many ways to use UV unwrap and it is a complicated subject!

can yo show pic as above with only one face selected

now sorry but not certain what you want as a result here!
do you want the repeat pattern to be on one face only ?

hoep it helps



Try this:

Step 1: Open Blender with default cube. UV the cube.
Step 2: Create a material and assign it to the cube.
Step 3: Create a texture and link it to the material.
Step 4: Set the texture to repeat.

Now my question is this. What needs to be done so that the repeating texture shows up in the 3D view?

If you get it working then please let me know what you did to get it to work.


Well, I have consulted with a friend who codes for Blender and apparently there are two completely different rendering pipelines. The way I understand it, Blender can’t do this seemingly basic function without someone fixing it in code. Amazing!

I think I know what you are referering to, somhow I encounter it vice versa.

Whenever I UV map a texture to a face, and set it not to repeat and scale it beyond 0,1 of the UV to have it on the face like a decal, it renders as a single decal, but the viewport still shows it as repeatable.

I’ve had this problem too - an Object’s UV mapping does not match the display in the render preview window. Try this:

Go to Object Mode, select the Object.

Goto Object>Make Single User> Object+Object Data + Materials & Tex
Goto Make Links > Materials

What you see in the render preview should now match your UV mapped object

if you’re using 2.5x then try enabling the " material utils" addon… it has various tools for synching texface and glsl materials…

Also, even if all your textures are in the 0-1 range and you try and lightmap it’ll mess up royally when faces overlap in UV space… for lightmapoping it;s generally accepted that you use two sets of uvs, one for the diffuse maps that can tile freely as you have been doing and a separate set mapped 0-1 with no overlaps used to bake and display lightmaps. Individual textures in your material stack can be set to different sets of uvs…