Textures Not Showing In Any Viewpoint Shading Modes

Hi team. I’m new to Blender and am having problems placing a texture into a mesh converted from text. After watching/reading a bunch of tutorials and troubleshooting threads, I suspect it may be a bug but I don’t have enough experience to rule out some incorrect setting/s somewhere in my setup.

My object appears to have unwrapped successfully on top of my texture in the UV Editing window but the texture does not show on my mesh in any viewpoint shading modes. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Have you added a material to your object and added the texture to the material ?
If you haven’t added a texture and just added the texture in the UV/Image editor window you can see it in the viewport in solid mode by enabling ‘Textured Solid’ in the properties panel (shortcut N) under Shading. Note that this will only show the texture in the viewport, not render it. To render the texture it will have to be added to the object material.
What renderer are you using ?

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Hi Richard, apologies for posting in the wrong place, I will keep that in mind for future posting. Thanks for the quick response.

I enabled ‘Textured Solid’ and the texture is still not visible in Solid Viewpoint Shading mode or any other mode, so am guessing that means there is something besides faulty texture/material mapping that is the cause. I am using Cycles btw.

I just went to recreate the same object in a new file so I don’t have to upload my whole project, and I’ve actually got it working in this new project on its own, so there must be something wrong with the settings in my original project, no idea what though. Is there a way to import my new working file with texture into my original project and retain the new settings for that object?

Update: After more experimentation, I can get the textures to show up in texture and solid viewpoint shading modes if I am in Blender Render, but when I render it’s just black, and I still can’t get the texture to show at all in Cycles. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I’m happy to go through a list of things to isolate the issue.

Update #2: It has taken me two full days to figure this out but I just fixed it. I wasn’t linking the texture to the materials properly. Sorry for the trouble, feel free to delete this thread :slight_smile: