Textures not showing in Blender

I’ve downloaded an .obj model with an associated .mtl file. None of the textures show in Blender. Not sure what I’m doing wrong? I’ve attached the files. Thanks in advance.

uploads_files_2597163_ca2.obj (4.2 MB) uploads_files_2597163_ca2.mtl (4.7 KB)

OBJ and MTL doesn’t include texture images.
Your mtl-file shows text images like :


Do you have them? (maybe some work ahead for correctly connect material textures…)

no i do not have that

No, these were the only files included with the download. So, you’re saying I’ll have to make all the materials and apply them myself? :face_vomiting:

Look where you downloades this. Is there something like textures not included ? Or a sperate file, because they can be big (more than 4.2MB). Maybe this is bit to highlevel for you now…

Ahh seeing now in mtl: Bra_diffuse.png (haven’t downloaded obj, don’t need to)

You are a bad boy :wink:

Edit: sorry, i’m assuming gender and others :crazy_face:

oh yeah i do know how to downloades stuff i am good at that