Textures problem

Howdy, so i have this problem with textures on my model.After watching some tutorials on youtube on how to make realistic textures ive decided to apply that on my model but iam not happy with the outcome so iam asking u guys if there is some way to eliminate those curves.Here are pics with nodes and what is bugging me.Cheers!

From what I can tell you have used a straight image “Generated” map rather than UV mapping your airframe mesh - hence it will never look right IMHO. You will need to UV map and “unwrap” the mesh onto a flat surface, there are hundreds of good tutorials on this subject, then you can develop your image texture to give you what you want. unfortunately you have opened a very large can of worms here and now you have to get through it like I did a few months ago. It’s hard work but your models look so much better once you understand it. We, the previously similarly afflicted, will of course always help you.

Cheers, Clock.


BTW for every good tutorial on Youtube on texturing and materials, sadly there are many bad ones.

Thanks man, Ill try playing around that then ill post final product