Textures Turned Black? :(


I added this texture in Blender by creating a new image in the UV/Image Editor, and then painted it in Texture Paint mode. Without any identifiable trigger (I didn’t close out of the program, save, or undo anything), the texture went completely black. It remains in the same state no matter which mode I’m in or when I render.

Is there any way to recover my painted textures? What caused this event?

Thanks for your help, everyone!


i cant seem to recreate the issue, could you submit the blend file for review? or give us a step by step guide on how to recreate the problem from a freshly loaded blend scene.

If You click New in Uv/Image Editor…It will make a black Textureture to paint on.

If You have loaded a Texture to paint on…You need to activate it…Select it in Properties - Materiale Tap…Go Edit and Unwrap it.

Now go Texturepaint…It should be ready to paint on…Paint a little…Go Uv/Image Editor - Save as Image.

It should work now…Just remember to SAVE Image before You leave Texturepaint or SAVE Blendfile.

If You SAVE Blend file before You have SAVED Your Texture You will lose Your Painting.


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you are correct, i think blender should give you a warning…
however i found a workaround for this, every time you’ve made any changes to your texture, do this:
image/Uv editor > Image > Pack as PNG
Note this setting will not be available if the image is already packed without any changes being made to it. once you edit the texture, the option will be available again.

im sorry for your loss, dont think you can recover it.

Thank you. That seems to be the problem. I’m surprised Blender didn’t give me a warning (or I didn’t see one).

First time You save Your Image it shall be in Uv-Image Editor… It will save it External to your HD.
When You SAVE Your Blend file it will be packed into Blend file…If Pack into Blend is Ticked in Menu File - External Data.

You can’t SAVE it in T - Panel…Before You have saved it in Uv/Image Editor…And Blender give a WARNING IF You try. in Menu line Top. Invalid Path.

If You have Uv/Image Editor open…In Menu line : Image will have a little star after Image If it is not SAVED.
Same star there after Blender in top line…If Blend file is not SAVED.

When SAVED in Uv/Image Editor First Time…Save all Image in T - Panel Will work and SAVE to Blend File but not
to External File…If You want to SAVE it External too You have to SAVE it in UV/Image Editor too.

Not sure I get all in…But this is the way I think it work…:slight_smile: