Textures turning to pix-elated after baking in cycles.

When using cycles render I’m having textures crisp and clear in render view, then after baking they are blurry and pixeled to the point of unusable. I’ve tried resizing the textures, increasing the resolution, increasing the render and sampling rates but nothing has helped me to correct the problem. I am still in the learning phases of Blender at this time. I’m using the mesh models for use in Secondlife with a max size of 1024 x 1024. About at wits end trying to figure this out, if anyone has a suggestion I would greatly appreciate it.

if anyone has a suggestion I would greatly appreciate it.
How about showing us what you mean.
Supply concise annotated screenshots that clearly show the issue
Supply a simplified .blend file that clearly demonstrates the issue (make it simple by removing all the crap from your scene and set up so all we have to do is press ‘bake’)

This first shot is section of a wall in render mode https://gyazo.com/40350f596e53fe74216724560a9b7991

The same section of wall after baking https://gyazo.com/96a95949993c39fb7e145246a8651c75

Again same section of wall imported into Secondlife game and applied to mesh model https://gyazo.com/52eccc329b030b908024a6629743cbbd