Do anyone know a good site with textures that you can use to create terrain. I want a textures like the one used on http://www.linuxgraphic.org/section3d/blender/pages/didacticiels/paysages/didac2-ang.html

There’s lots of good textures at www.imageafter.com

fligh% made some good procedural textures for simulating terrain, and S68 has made some as well.

Fligh% and S68 has posted pretty much so it’s hard to find their textures.


Those are done using Blender’s procedural textures (and they take hours to render). If you’re interested I can mail you a .blend. They’re too big to upload on Lucas’ site.


Imageafter don’t have height map textures. Do anyone know a site with height textures of water that you can use to create realistic water? I know that I’ve posted a link to a tutorial on how to create a landscape but that method don’t really works for me and I think it is pretty complicated so I wanna use images instead of texture plugins.

Found a tutorial on how to create water with texture plugins included in blender. But now I need textures of lizard and crocodile textures. Know any?

There’s a “Scales” plugin here:




I know, I shouldn’t bump old threads. But where can I find seamless textures of common objects (like metal, wood, etc.?) I can’t find any site with seamless wood and metal textures, just sites with peach fur texture and metal fruit textures and weird stuff like that, that nobody use.

Aren’t there any texture site with free tileable textures of metal, wood, concrete, etc.?

Have you searched ???


Those aren’t tileable.