I know the difference between diffuse and using textures and how to use nodes.
My question is though is are you suppose to add a diffuse color then a texture? so I take it the diffuse is the color of the texture? I know you can use shaders in the node viewport but… since I am working on making my tetxures look good. I was wondering why some people do this method and why some people don’t of adding or not adding them together.

i really would like to help, but can’t figure out what you are asking…

If you want to do texturing in a physically accurate way these pretty much give you everything you need to know.

shajuke, there’s no ‘A’ letter in the PBR acronym. It’s physically-based, not physically-accurate.

The information is still useful for understanding how to accurately recreate real world surfaces using textures, so the original question can at least be partially answered since it seems to be related to creating good looking materials.

By this I mean why do people use a color shader (color that is similiar to the tetxure and then apply a image? I thought once you apply a image tetxure the material shader option would be cancelled out correct? so the material shader would be for color lighting and procedural tetxures correct?


A BSDF Shader node, like diffuse, has a color input.
If you want the object to be entirely one color you just change that color.
If you want to use a colormap, like an image texture you plug the texture into the color input on the shader. If you do this, the original single color input is not used, the image texture is.
If you want to partially mix a color with the colormap you can do that with a mixrgb node.

ok now i grab it! :wink:
and for answering your question: i didn’t even ever noticed people doing that. if they do maybe is because they add textures later and in the beginning they need to approximate color. but this would be just workflow preferences, since, as you say, when you plug a texture the RGB color gets overriden*

overriden but not forgotten. if you unplug the texture the RGB is still there, since it is a property of the shader

another way to change color in scene
can be to use world color or HDRI image

but could also be done with compositor !
so more then one way to do effects in bl

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