Texturing a Cylinder

Hello, I’m trying to make a yurt (a round, Mongolian tent), and I’ve been having some problems.
So far I have a cylinder with 32 sides and the top extended into a cone. I have a simple white material applied to the whole mesh, and a cloth material with an image texture that I ripped from a picture of a yurt. Here’s the texture: http://www.box.net/shared/raox31u0t9
It’s of cloth and has 3 black stripes going over it. I want this image to repeat however many times and go around the cylinder. I want the top of the image to be the top of the yurt, right before the roof, and the bottom to be on the ground.
So I render with a lot of the default settings and the image looks like this:
There are a lot of vertical lines of different colors, mostly shades of white and then black at regular intervals. I’ve played around with the mapping x, y, & z scales a good bit; in this picture they’re all set at 10, but it looks just as bad at 1, .75, & 2.
All help is appreciated! I’m not very good with texturing and materials, so hopefully I’m doing something dumb and easy to fix… Or maybe if somebody could point me a good tutorial I’ll be able to figure out what I should do.

Map Input should be Tube. Did you use tube?

OMG that worked. Thank you so much!