Texturing a hand

Hi. :smiley:

I’m working on texturing a person (female, piece by piece) and i need input on the hand. (Perhaps suggestions for the fingernails’ textures??)



The hand looks very good so far - the fingernails look too plain, you should bend them more. And the creases in the palm look twisted.


Here’s an anatomic reference I found: http://www.dartmouth.edu/~anatomy/wrist-hand/surface/index.html

Looking forward to see updates.

Okay…did some grit work for the hand…(Thanx for the link!!)…

Still working on the fingernails (added a nor map)…but still nothing desirable. :frowning:


The webbing (i suppose thats what it is) looks pretty unclean, and their are more creases in the palm, and they don’t look like that.
EXAMPLE 1 (large image)

The fingernails look nice, but they shouldn’t be that pink, and they need a cuticle at the bottom.

Otherwise, nice work!


You’ve obviously never dated a woman who gets a her nails done on a regular basis. All that’s missing from those is more shininess! It’s a french tip, man! :stuck_out_tongue: Trust me, my wife gets her nails done every two weeks, those are dead on colorwise, just needs more shine to it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Obviously :wink: :P. I retract my statement about the nails.


You’ll definitely save money by not knowing what I mean. :smiley:

LOL :wink:

I still think that the nails need to be curved a bit more.

A little update (school just started and Physics& Pre-Cal keep me busy):

The Cuticle:

Top View: