Texturing a roof model

I’m doing a texturing excercise using blender and painting the textures in GIMP.

The scene contains the front of a house, with part of the roof visible.
The visible part of the roof is made of +100 rooftiles.
I modeled one rooftile and copied it until I had enough to fill the visible part of the roof.
Then I selected all the rooftiles and made them one object (ctrl j)

How can I project a planar texture on this object without distortion?
When I just add a texture it looks like blender thinks the rooftiles are still separate objects (cfr image)

I used orco for map input but it looks like this texture isn’t projected in the correct way?

the texture I want to apply:
the result:
(images are scaled for web)
Anyone know how to make the texture being mapped correctly?

Thanks in advance for your input

You should unwrap the whole of the roof model.


I wanted to avoid unwrapping it coz it will take some time to get a clean unwrap.

thanks anywayz

You don’t need to unwrap it. You have a couple of choices orco or object mapping. For orco mapping select all your roof tiles and join them into one mesh. Then each tile won’t get wrapped individually. You will have to adjust the local z-axis of your combined tiles to be perpendiculaer to the roof for this to work properly.
To use object mapping add an empty so that its z-axis is perpendicular to the roof. Adjust the texture space of the empty by scaling it in the x and y directions (select drawtype wire and textspace, F7->Draw).
Now in the material mapping panel press object and add the name of your empty. Link this material to all your roof tiles (this is a single operation with ctrl-L).

UVmapping it wouldn’t be hard eitther. Join your tiles to one mesh. align the camera so that you are looking square onto it and choose the from-window option in the uv Mapping menu.


Thanks Greybeard,

you’re a lifesaver :wink:

kind regards