Texturing a ship engine thrust fire effect

I’m trying to texture-map the effect of the thrust fire going out of a ship engine. This is for a game so i can use any render tricks. I started with a cylinder with 3 quads or a cone with 3 triangles and they both seem ok for the geometry to use. My problem is how to apply a texture to this and animate it so that it looks like the effect i mentioned above. Any ideas on how this can be done?

You could try particles.

If he’s using the Blender game engine then he can’t use the particle system.

You may instead want to use a halo texture on a plane set to always face the camera. RGB and alpha material IPO’s with ‘use blender materials’ on

Is it also possible to animate uv coordinates? This way we could have animated textures with transparency ala doom. Any good tutorial for this?