Texturing an Ork

(Detritus) #1

Hi there!
This isn´t exactly a question about Blender, it´s more a general CG-question. Here it comes:

I´ve made this Ork which looks rather good (at least, I think so). The modelling went fine, but now I have encountered a problem: how to texture it. Is there anyone who knows how an Ork-skin should look? I know they aren´t scaly, but that´s pretty much all I know.
As a little guideline I can say that the Ork-look I´m aiming for is something like the Warhammer 40 000-ork. Any Ideas?

P.S. If you want to, I can post you a pic or two of the Ork. D.S

(bob_dog) #2

Rent “Lord of the Rings”

(cohort) #3

Nah, 40k ork boyz are different - look through back issues of White Dwarf magazine for closeup pics of award-winning painted miniatures…

(Piraniac) #4

humm, not really into 40K but from what i’ve seen they’re kinda leathery. Rough skin and crinkly, alot of bumps.
Oh, and green :wink:


(Detritus) #5

Thankx rof all the replys! I´m sorry for replying so late, but there´s been a lot of schoolwork latelty (and suddenly), so my Internet-time has been limited. Thanx again!