Texturing and bump mapping a landscape

so I was in the midst of creating a land scape, when I though to myself: “hmm…I don’t think I want the ground to be this nasty gray color, or this flat”
so I figured I put a good texture in there and use a bump map to make it rough. then it occoured to me, I have no idea how I woulh make ether of these, (not that look as good as I want anyway)

so my question is: Texturing and bump mapping a landscape, how can I make it look good?


Hi CornDog! Most of us read the manual http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/Manual When we get stuck, that’s when we ask :wink:

Wow, ya learn something new everyday! I’ve been using Blender for 2 years and never knew there was a manual! Thanks for posting the link.

I think you misunderstand me %|
I know how to do texturing and bump mapping
my problem is I cant seem (no matter how I try) to make textures and bump maps for the ground on a landscape, that looks half decent.
my question pertains to ground texturing, not how to texture.

Hi CornDog! Under the Subject Materials is a zip called MatLib with a variety of materials. Find elements you like and look at the settings. A bit like learning by example. Hope that’s even more helpful :wink:


still nothing
I found some good textures on there nad good ideas bit I still cant find anything that looks like a convincing ground (as it pertains to my landscape)