Texturing basic assumptions

I am very simply trying to apply an image (of a map) to a plane. It is shown in the preview in the Texture and Materials buttons menu but does not show in 3d view or in a render.
Can someone just go through some basic assumptions of texturing that a newbie would not think of?
I have no idea why I can’t seem to actually get the image to show up.


Attach your blend to your post (the Go Advanced button below the message window) or some host site so we can see what’s not set right.

i would use the import image to plane script.

Then just see what all the settings are.

Thanks for the replies. I got it to work, I’m not sure how but then it turned into a scale problem and with this particular brick wall there is no hope so had to resort to plan B (no map).
But the help is very much appreciated!