texturing buildings help???

I am trying to make a street scene and i need help with texturing buildings, i am kind of new to texturing and i would appreciate any help. here are screen shots
Edit: sorry about the pics before they are fairly simple buildings and i think i might just redo them with simple cuts instead thanks for your thoughts looking forward to see what you persons have to say.

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If you link them in a way others can see them, I am sure the community will give some suggestions.

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A few suggestions …

First, get your “street scene” nailed down, first. Decide where the camera is, and, if it moves, where it will go. If there are human actors in the picture, make everything (physically, in terms of blender-units == meters or feet or yards or whatever) consistent, first.

Think about … and I do mean this literally … what lenses you will use.

Temporarily put “the roughest geometry imaginable” in place … but “to scale.” Cubes, cylinders, archways, all correctly sized.

From your (now, known …) “camera point of view,” you will be able to see much better “what really matters, and what really doesn’t.” Focus on what does. (Every movie-set Hollywood ever made is “only skin-deep.”)

“Why does this set end here? Because we already know that nothing more will be on-camera!”
Important to know. Even if you’re not using real wood.

Then . . . you can start to consider how to “texture it.” By now, you’ll know that the scale is correct and that the POV is correct, and then you can just put on your “set decorator” hat. Texture Painting (where you “paint” textures onto a surface using one-or-more inputs as a source of “paint”) will be a useful technique.

I emphasize this because … if the scale is wrong, “nothing else will ever be right.” And, if you’re decorating stuff that won’t be in the theater, you’re wasting effort.

Photobucket is more compatible with sharing images with BlenderArtists, but the ideal is to upload the images here. You can do that with a few more posts under your belt. Head over to Work in Progress and critique someone else’s work, or try expressing your awe and appreciation for some of the splendid work in Finished Projects or the Gallery, and you’ll have your post count up in no time.

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@sundialsvc4- thanks for the advice.