Texturing concept in blender

I’m teaching myself blender to create 3D models for the iPhone. I’ve created my first model and want to texture it now. I’m kind of confused about some things.

I know there is a way to texture my object by going to the material buttons which is what I have done. I have textured my guy and he is the way I want him.

Now there is another way to texture him which is to select all edges, make seams, and unwrap him. I then open up the UV editor and either import an image that maps to the unwraped vertices or you can paint it in place.

Now, the only way ( currently ) that I know of to export a texture to be able to use in my iPhone app is to save an image that I create from the second way, using the UV editor.

My question is how does one create a texture that can be exported when you used the material buttons way of texturing your model?

Something isn’t clicking for me. It’s almost like the material buttons way shouldn’t be used if you want to export the model you created.

Any help will be appreciated.

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if i understand your question, what you want is baking textures. are you using 2.4x or 2.5x?

texture baking is the way to go indeed. Super easy once you have your UV in place. It’s in the Render panels, down there in 2.5…

wysiwyg, ty for the welcome!

Well, I’ve actually tried baking the texture. Here is what I’ve been doing (this is 2.49b btw):

  1. Edit mode, select all
  2. Ctrl E
  3. Make seam
  4. U, then unwrap
  5. Add new image in UV image edit panel
  6. Ctrl + Alt + B, full render

Attached are the images:

Colored_Marley.jpg is what he looks like after I have procedurally textured him and selected textured from the Draw Type dropbox.

Baked_Textured.jpg is what he looks like after I have baked him following the above steps and selected textured from the Draw Type dropbox.

Rendering.jpg is what he looks like in render mode ( pressing f12 ) regardless of the texture applied this is before and after, nothing changes.

I will say that after I have applied the baked texture he still looks like Colored_Marley.jpg in solid mode. I think it has something to do with the material.

I’m basically wanting to have a texture that looks like Colored_Marley.jpg that I can export to my app.

I hope I have given enough information for someone to help. If not let me know and I can supply more.

I’ve added the blend file if anyone wants to look at it.

Thanks for the help!


MarleyMouth0.blend (288 KB)

A tricky little puzzle, which would have been impossible to solve without the .blend.

The problem is that the visible colour of your rendered image is entirely determined by the material’s colour ramp, which is set to have ‘Normal’ input. This ‘Normal’ is relative to the camera, and camera relative properties are not usually baked. If you change the ramp input to ‘Shader’ you will get a qualitatively similar result which can be baked in the usual way.

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Thank you, MCollett. That did it!

Also, anyone know of a good tutorial on procedure texturing? Something that is in depth. Or even a good book that covers it well.

Go to COG site

he has 2 tut files PDF for material whicha re very logical and very well made
for proced texture

so aahve fun with theses

but does not cover yet the 2.5 features

but it’s a very ncie beginning

happy 2.5

Maybe you should try to bake ‘Texture’ instead of ‘Full Render’ and recalculate normals.