Texturing for modular level design - How to make seamless textures?

I know there’s plenty of resources out there explaining how to create objects which are seamless, but I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around making the textures themselves seamless. I know I can download a “seamless brick wall” texture and apply it to a square object, and if I copy that object it will look seamless, but what if I’m making a taller wall which ends up being more rectangular? What if I’m making something much more detailed than a flat surface?

I give this as example. I could make the entire thing with really very few parts instanced a lot, but it’s hard for me to wrap my head around making the details. I’m not going to find a premade texture that already includes the smaller segments of bricks as well as larger segments below, that fits the perfect size I need, so I’d have to throw it together myself somehow. How can I do that?

Hopefully it’s more simple than my brain is thinking it is right now, and hopefully one of you can help me. Thanks.

You can try using procedural textures/materials (or in combination with normal textures if you wish). Procedural materials are ‘infinitely seamless’ and doesn’t need unwrapping of the meshes. With a little effort they take shape of the object you applied and tweaking parameters give a lot of variety.

Creating those materials realistically might be hard, so you can search on BlendSwap or internet. Take a look at this example: Procedural Birch Bark.

That looks promising, though I would love to be able to create all of the textures in Substance for example, with the purpose of putting them in a game ( both of which require meshes to be UV unwrapped).

I just need some reassurance that if I need to make a tiling brick wall texture, I can do more than just slap an image on it. Maybe I’d want to make each “square” of the seamless texture smaller so the bricks appear more frequently.

Something like this blows my mind: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/06/33/51/06335191b9e787f0a5889c04e25e1723--d-texture-modular-game-assets.jpg

How do they ensure, during the texture creation, that the roads and buildings will appear seamless when multiple exist next to each other?

I’m not sure but I believe you can do the same kind of procedural materials in Substance tools (even better) that won’t need unwrapping.

I’m no expert in this area but if you use ‘Position’ from ‘Geometry’ node, that means texture will be in world coordinates (infinitely). Your polygon/mesh will ‘adapt’ the texture according to its location. See below gif:


Well “procedural texture in substance painter” shall be my next google search then. And that option in Blender looks like a very promising alternative if necessary. I can see that working pretty darn well, as long as it also repeats up/down as well as side/side. Thanks.