Texturing, HDR's, and the TARDIS

Hello community

I am trying to create a scene with a TARDIS on a sand dune. the TARDIS i think looks ok but the texturing of the sand is awful. I am using displacement and normal maps but it hasn’t made any difference what am I doing wrong.

P.S. also I am using HDR lighting for this but it isn’t working properly. It has the multiple of this one image. how to I make it fill the whole scene

P.P.S. Also if you have a comment about the TARDIS please tell me

I can’t help you with the HDR lighting, but it looks like your texture needs to be scaled down. the ripples look too big to me. also, have you considered adding some sparse foliage, or maybe a rock formation protruding through the sand?

Ok, try subdividing a lot your plane, adding a Displacement modifier based on a height map of a desert, or try making a height map out from you texture, then use normal and displacement with a Sand texture, with the first you create the ripples, then with the last one you give it that grainy sand look.
By the way, rotate the hdri, the sun is behind the sand dune, to do that, connect a texture coordinate set on generated on a vector mapping node and change the Z rotation value

By the way, i made it just to exercize, this is my result:

Tell me if you need more help :slight_smile: