Texturing help

I’m working on a wolf model, and I wanted to apply a fur texture to it but I’m not really sure on how to do that.

Any tips or guides?

Because I’ve tried doing it, making the seams, getting my UVs good, but then when I try to apply they just don’t look right. It’s not seamless.

How can I apply the texture to it and make it look good?

You need to study texture painting. UV mapping alone won’t do what you need. Note that there have been some changes to texture painting in recent versions, so, if you watch a tutorial for an earlier one, things might be a little different since then.

Texture painting just messed my texture up. And you’re right, there are no tutorials for the new versions. Searching for tutorials was my first idea.

I place the texture to paint in with, and everything just looks wrong.

there is a project mode where you can scale and rotate the image you are using. I would think that should work. It used to be called ‘clone’ but I think it’s called ‘project’ now. I’ll see if I can find something on it.
(edit) yep it is still called the clone brush.

This is what I’ve done so far.


The seams are very visible.

There are two ways to get rid of the seams:
1: Texture paint it in the 3D window, or:
2: Add your image as a texture in textures buttons, set to cubic mapping, make a new blank image for your UVs in the UV window, and texture bake to the new image. You can check out ‘texture baking’ and ‘render baking’ for details.
In any event, you are probably going to want to texture paint it to get some nice details.

Thanks! I finally managed to get this to work, however, I still have issues with it.

I’m using a seamless texture and yes, the seams are now gone which is great, but now I see patterns on him. I don’t know if I’m asking to much or not but how hard is it to pull off something like this?

I would really love to have my texture looking like that, and I’m not talking in detail or resolution or that stuff, I’m talking about getting rid of annoying patterns. Because on that model you don’t see any texture repeating itself, or if it is, I can’t see it.

Any help would be appreciated.

One way to go about it would be ‘projection painting’ which involves creating multiple UV channels. One normally unwrapped, which will be your target, and additional ones unwrapped using ‘project from view’, and aligned with reference photos from the same angles. Then you use one of those channels as the source, and your normally unwrapped one as the target, and when you paint, you are painting from the source onto the target. So when you are painting from side view, you specify the channel that is from side view. When you paint from top view, you specify as the source, the channel that represents top view. When you are finished, if you did it right, it should be pretty close. It doesn’t have to be from photos of course. You could also use paintings, or textured models, or whatever suits your purpose. There are a few tutorials out there on this method.
(edit) here’s some documentation