Texturing Instanced Objects

I need to find out if there is a way to build an instrument panel made from instanced objects that share a single texture. The idea is this: after creating a texture that includes all the dials, gauges, or button labels the panel would be constructed of instanced objects. The intent however is to have each instance display a different part of the assigned texture.

Instancing is no problem here, it is solving the texture problem I am after. I know of the Object Info Node and about assigning a new Material to the Object instead of the Data. My problem is that I am unable to get anything to work as desired. It may not be possible but if someone knows for sure let me know.

I am working in Blender 2.79, rendering will be done in Cycles and the texture will be created in Inkscape. Any plausible method or ideas on how to solve this would be helpful. Thank you in advance for your help.

I would use object info/object index and assign each instance it’s own object id. If you layout your instruments in a single strip with equal width, the setup becomes quite easy:

This looks promising, I will give it a try. Thanks CarlG.