texturing / lighting problems when exe is run


I’ve created a simple game in Blender.
When I press ‘P’ and run inside Blender, it appears generally ok.

But when I ‘save runtime’, and run the game EXE that is created, the scene appears really dark, with no texturing on the shapes.

I’ve tried clicking ‘pack data’ in the file menu, but dones’t seem to work. I have ‘use blender materials’ selected under the ‘game’ menu.

this is the game run inside blender

this is same game run as a stand alone.

on another point, is it posible for the game engine to render meshes as double sided? or can it only render the side the normal is pointing?

in reverse order!

in face select mode, press double sided then copy drawmode

the standalone player doesn’t “use blender materials” by default. There is a command line switch to enable the feature, but I forget it at the moment.

the standalone player has always had different lighting from blender. I can’t explain why or how to fix it though.