Texturing metal buttons

I am making a sort of futuristic screen, and on it are some buttons. I have them in a metal texture, and i also want to put some pics on them like a play pause simbol, fast forward, that sort of thing. So far ive had no problem.

I made the pics in the gimp and colord them to alpha to rease background. Then i added a uv map for each button and made sure it worked correctly with the image. Finaly, i added a new texture to each button which i gave a different material. I used the image i wanted, and clicked use alpha, and all that, made sure it was mapping to uv and color and all that.

When it renders however, it does not show up, even though it looks perfect in the material preview?? Any ideas as to what could make it go wrong??

In the Material tab in F5, click TexFace.


wow, that simple eh. Thanks fligh.

Even though i rarely do post here it seems you always try to help out. Workes perfectly

I would have helped you too, but Fligh doesn’t sleep or eat or go to the bathroom; he is always glued to this forum and helps everyone within like 10 or if its a really tough question 15 seconds. The rest of us really have to be quick about it if we are to post in front of him. And then he still usually comes up with something better and more succinct than what we had to say. Needless to say, we respect da man (even if he can’t drive his truck real well).