Texturing Metals

Here’s a great tutorial at CG Society I found for texturing metals and stuff like that

I tried it out a bit (did something similar) using Blender and the Gimp and got these results in about an hours work. And i’ve hardly done any texture drawing in the Gimp before so I’m pleased at how good it turned out. Best of luck to others going for this look out there.
Texture I drew:


It turned out really good, thanks for sharing.

great work.
this link will be useful. thanks for displaying.

I was going to say the texture looks too painted, but on the model it looks awesome!

Thanks man. That’s kinda what i thought too. I didn’t think it would turn out so good on the model.

Found no tutorial at the link.:confused:

It’s from the Hard Surface Tutorial by Stefan Morell, an oldie but goodie, been posted here several times I think. Try this link

Good paint job, Crititrozoz!
What’s a tutorial posting without some suggestions though :smiley:
I assume you used either bump or displacement. I’m wondering though, if it doesn’t need a bit more, either more bump/displacement or… something. Somehow, it still looks a bit flat to me, but I’m not sure why. Excuse my mumbling out loud here…

Maybe more specular off the shiny metal? Just plain more light even and better “3d modelling” definition? I think that’s a major part of my issue - the 3d effect of modelling with lighting is minimal. There’s no clear light source for example, so there are no good shadows (the tny focus range makes it look like a very small object, is that what you intended, or were you just trying out the blur node? ;)). The pin thing in the middle stands out much more than the rest of the piece (although it seems to have less texture in the rendering) because of the high contrast in the bump map I think…

That contrast seems to be missing elsewhere. The metal tabs look painted on, rather than popping out. They look like a vague bump map. No detail on the sides, just a dark blob. If you’ll notice on the tutorial, the tabs look fully 3d modelled in the final render, but the bump map shows you that the bi-level is due to the bump only. Notice also that the tab don’t arc up, but are indented right up against the panel edges.

If you compare your bump map with the tutorial, I bet you’ll see what it needs some work. And if you’re using bump instead of displacement, try that instead. Just make sure your poly count is high enough in the detailed areas.

I think maybe there’s a bit too much painted shadowing too. [More} AO or a shadowing lamp might be more accurate than the painted shadows.

Haha dgebel, you’re awesome man. It was a very quick test just loosely following the tutorial, not a finished project. I see some of what your saying, but I didn’t put much time into it. Hopefully it can help others though.