Texturing models

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I have a very, very basic question :stuck_out_tongue: I need to start learning how to texture and so far I have found it a bit troublesome. Are there any really good tutorials out there that you could recommend?

Also, is UV texturing only for GameBlender and materials/texture only for Rendering? It seems like the UV texturing might be easier to do for rendering, atleast to me :stuck_out_tongue:

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on elysiun:

  • The 2 CJ talked deeply on texturing (bumpmapping, make things looking old)

  • the tutorial section has a chrome texturing tutorial


  • follow blender ring links! [email protected] site has a tutorial on ‘decal’ texturing and there are a lot there. Blederdungeon has T-textures etc. etc.

UV texturing is also for rendering and animations, not only games.

Good luck


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here is a tutorial on texturing: http://blendedmind.i8.com/tutorials.html
For more tutorials go here http://green.dyndns.org/linksMain.htm and search the page for texture.

About the UV textures, you can use them for renders, but you need to activate “UV” as the coordinates type in the matterials buttons.


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Vidigiani: go here -> http://www.blenderwars.com

There is a great textuing tute there.

Also, see my page here -> http://bgdm0.tripod.com/page4.html (Edit: sorry, that’s the same link that was jus posted)

Go to the Blender Tutes link. There is a huge list of tutes on that site.


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Hi Vidigiani,

to render the uv textures, press F5 (materials buttons)

then press the “Tex Face” button just under the RGB sliders.


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Unfortunately there seems to be a lack of good uv tutorials for “non-gamers”. I think this is one of the downers hurting the cummunity and many newbies to uv have been shying away from it.

(Vidigiani) #7

I hear ya :frowning: So… when are you going to write a uv tutorial? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: hehehehe

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As far as UV texturing for non-gamers, I would tend to agree. However, if your model is not inteded for use in a game, the same pricipals apply. You do the UV texturing just the same, but with a little more patience to the placement of the image on the mesh.

NOTE: when doing UV texturing, make sure you do not UV texture a Sub-Surf model. Always convert a Sub-Surf to a mesh when doing UV mapping. Allows better control over the placement of the image and you get funny results with the Sub-Surf. Not to say that you can’t do it, it just looks better with a standard mesh :wink: