Texturing my gun

Recently modeled the “Gnasher’s Shotgun” from the popular Gears of war series!
I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to add any additional details like numbers on the side of the gun and things like that. Since i can’t texture at all i was wondering if anyone could either help me on how i could start to texture this or have a go themselves if their interested :)!

you need to learn UV mapping and texture painting for such textures.

Looks like a pretty clean model. Just need to learn how to UV unwrap. Texture painting is also a fun way of texturing. Just think of your model as if it were made of paper and you want to cut it in a way that you can minimize damaging the paper as you flatten it all out so you can paint it. Or you can just do a smart project and texture paint the whole thing. It’s going to take a minute to wrap ur head around that, but its not hard just steps that seem to make no sense when ur first learning it but that are crucial.

As you learn how to UV unwrap, you will see the importance of a “clean” mesh; one in which you don’t have useless geometry and your edge flow is correct. Learning to UV map will make you a better modeler in the end. Good luck with this. Good model if I forgot to say that already.